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"HSL is a rare breed within the PR industry."

Michelle Worvell, Editor, CII Journal
"We have never been disappointed by the level of commitment and professionalism we receive from the team."

Jamie Marchant, Marketing Consultant and former Director of Marketing and Communications for Groupama Insurances
"HSL makes journalists' life easier by understanding their needs and providing good-quality, relevant stories along with knowledge of the Client and the industry."

Paul Barker, Editor, BusinessCar
"HSL understands ‘how it works’, a surprisingly rare quality."

Tristan Young, Freelance Journalist, former Editor, BusinessCar 
"A good test of a PR company is if you remember them when you urgently need help. I am always certain of an immediate, professional response."

John Maslen, Contents Editor of Fleet News events and former editor and contributing editor of Fleet News
"Few PR agencies have a real grasp of the business car and fleet market, HSL is a happy exception."

Ralph Morton, Editor, Business Car Manager and motor industry and fleet freelance journalist (FT, etc)
"We’ve been delighted with the coverage HSL has achieved for Wunelli since we started working together in 2012.  The team’s efforts have really elevated the profile of the brand."

Penny Searles, MD, Wunelli
"It is important for PR agencies to understand our specific needs and this is where HSL excels. Professional, well briefed and a pleasure to work with."

Curtis Hutchinson, Editor, Motor Trader
"PR companies come in two distinct categories - the
do-ers and the don'ts. HSL lie quite comfortably in the first camp.

James Baggott, Editor, Car Dealer
"Tracker is delighted with HSL over the course of the last year with the PR work done the pride of the marketing function.  Without question, we see HSL as a partner not a supplier." Keith Reed, Marketing Director for TRACKER UK Ltd
"Simply said, HSL brings real value."

Daniel Burgess, Managing Director, HPI Group Ltd


We work hard to ensure our Clients are treated as individuals.

We promise that every Client has an Agency director working on their business – that’s Wendy, Alison or Justine.

By spending time finding the right combination of tactics for their particular needs we create, direct and manage tailor-made marketing communications programmes.

The company directors, with a combined total of well over 60 years in the PR industry, have a wealth of experience. This means we can provide our Clients with a quality and tailored service; a service that many Clients have come to expect from HSL.

The Directors

We know that the success of PR is as much about having the right chemistry with our Clients as having the skills to get the job done.
Here’s a bit of a personal insight into the people that make HSL the success it is.

Wendy Harrison >> click
  1. Favourite Film - Field of Dreams - if you build it he will come!
  2. Favourite City or Destination - Venice or New Zealand - can't decide!! 
  3. My first paycheck was spent on...bunch of flowers for my Mum (it was a Saturday job!)
  4. My first car - Orange Austin Healey Sprite
  5. My most overused phrase - 'it'll be fine!'
  6. I love the smell of....mown grass
  7. Builder's Tea or Herbal Infusion? Builder's tea
  8. Owl or Lark - lark, well tweeting sparrow actually!

Alison Reeson >> click
  1. Favourite Film - At the moment it's Coraline but it's bound to change
  2. Favourite City or Destination - Bath
  3. My first paycheck was spent on...probably a Smiths CD or something from Miss Selfridge
  4. My first car - a burgundy Triumph Herald.  It put me off driving for years
  5. My most overused phrase - other than the obvious swearwords,  'cool'  urghh
  6. I love the smell of....roads being tarred
  7. Builder's Tea or Herbal Infusion? Builder's tea – but not as much as Justine
  8. Owl or Lark – Lark, best time of the day!

Justine Hoadley >> click
  1. Favourite Film - Shawshank Redemption
  2. Favourite City or Destination - Amalfi Coast, Italy but surfing at Rhossili Bay, Wales is a close second
  3. My first paycheck was spent on...  A ticket to India
  4. My first car - A bright red, body perfect mini.  Looked fab but rarely started.
  5. My most overused phrase - Let's do it!
  6. I love the smell of....home cooking (with lots of garlic)
  7. Builder's Tea or Herbal Infusion? Builder's tea by the bucket
  8. Owl or Lark - Both!

Dick Sadler – Finance Director >> click
  1. Favourite Film - All Jacques Tati – especially ‘Trafic’
  2. Favourite City or Destination - Venice just ahead of Barcelona
  3. My first paycheck was spent on - I wish I could remember - it was probably paid in guineas
  4. My first car - Pre war Singer Le Mans 2 seater – very draughty
  5. My most overused phrase - what does it cost?
  6. I love the smell of - coffee beans roasting
  7. Builder's Tea or Herbal Infusion? - Builders - laced with Earl Grey
  8. Owl or Lark- Lark, but it would be nice to be both

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